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About us: At Dynamic Spray LTD, we specialize in kitchen, uPVC, and commercial spraying services. Our exceptional team excels as onsite spray specialists, backed by extensive research investments that have led to the development of superior coatings in the market, all supported by our guarantee of excellence. When delivering our services, we prioritize utmost care and respect for both you and your home. Operating across Manchester, North England, and Wales, our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch results.

Local operations team on-call 24 hours a day, available to work at a moment’s notice.

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New to our services

Worktop wrapping 

At Dynamic spray we are offering a work top wrapping service as we don’t advise worktop to be sprayed due to the amount of traffic that goes over them for a free quote simply contact us through our contact page below and ask for worktop wrapping. One of our team will be with ASAP with an email or phone call

We have searched all over europe to find the most durable and thickest wraps for over twelve months. After talks with a supplier in Luxemburg we found an amazing company called cover-styl who not only manufacture architectural wrap but have a UK distributor with next day delivery. With this we don’t have to wait weeks for our products and this means we can get your jobs done quicker without you waiting for several weeks 

Dynamic Spray are constantly evolving trying to find the best products on the market for our customers whether that be a new type of paint colours, better fillers and blockers, new state of the art spray guns or even new services that will enhance our customers kitchens like wrapped worksurfaces  

Get your FREE worktop wrapping quote today 

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